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So Many SPOTS 

Welcome to our World Giraffe Week 2024 Celebration!

This year our theme is spots.  Every activity connects to SPOTS and their uniqueness as every giraffe in the world has a unique spotting pattern.  Our goal is to share this fun page with giraffe lovers world-wide.  We also hope that our family of giraffe enthusiasts will grow as you share this 'postcard'.  Use in the most creative ways your imagination can conceive and please share with us to give others inspiration.  Print, create signage, post on social or create a sticker to use in texts.  Any and all will help spread the word of these fun GIRAFFE-TIVITIES!


Activity Page

Just use the PDF link to download the activity page.  

Super Spots Poem 

This poem was written by giraffeologist, Jason Pootoolal.  Jason crafted this witty poem to share the many ways that spots give giraffes super spot powers!  He has an amazing career as a giraffeologist and conservationist.  He has spent over a decade participating in conservation-focused research.  He is a father of two beautiful young girls that gave him an added advantage in creating this educationally engaging poem.

Veila's Project 2.png
Veila's Project.png

Activities in Africa

Junior Giraffe Club

We are highlighting the work of one our partners, the Junior Giraffe Club, in honor of the founder and inspiration Dr. Anne Innis Dagg (1933-2024).  She was the pioneer in giraffe research.  Her passions and inspirations carry on through the Junior Giraffe Club.  There are two links below, one to the info page and the other will take you directly to their website.

Jr. Club.png
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