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Dr. Anne Innis Dagg


In 1956, before any man or woman had made such a trip, 23-year-old Canadian biologist, Anne Innis Dagg, made a solo journey to South Africa to become the first person in the world to study giraffes in the wild.

She was an amazing woman that made a huge impact on giraffe research across the globe and was the pioneer in giraffe conservation.   


We are a dedicated team of giraffe conservationists, scientists, veterinarians, and researchers determined to keep our tall friends thriving in the wild. 


Giraffes are experiencing significant conservation challenges in the wild and it is our mission to educate and spread awareness to these challenges, while also celebrating how incredible these creatures truly are!


We hope to inspire and empower a younger generation of giraffe conservationists, as they will be the future of giraffe conservation. 


We have exciting activities in store this World Giraffe Week and we can’t wait to celebrate all things giraffe WITH YOU!


Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for all of the festivities coming this World Giraffe Week, 2024!


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